Tangerine Puerh Tea "Nu Er Xiang 8681"

  • The Jinma (Golden Horse Brand)  Tangerine Puerh Tea has a similar out shape like dry fruits. It was processed by original Xinhui orange from Gaungdong and excellent Puerh Tea from Yunnan in a scientific way. This Jinma Tangerine puerh tea has a special strong flavor, which is like the good old smell only floats in the old time. This tea is good for your breathing it also has some therapetutic functions such as draining for increasing spuntum expectoration, relieving cough, refreshing mind, relieving toxication sympto ms and diuresis. 

    It will perfectly be your daily health tea.

  • Name: Tangerine Ripe Puerh Tea "Nu Er Xiang 8681"
    Tea Type:
    Puerh Tea (Ripe)
    Origin: Guang Dong Province (Tangerine) / Yunnan Province (Puerh Tea)
    Model Number: Nu Er Xiang 8681
    Brand: Jinma Tangerine Puerh Tea (Golden Horse Brand)
    18gram - 50gram each Tangerine Puerh

Collections: Ripe Puerh Tea

Category: Tangerine Puerh

Type: Puerh Tea

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