Premium AAA+ "Shi Ru" Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea

  • "Shi Ru" is a type of Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea!

    Aroma - Fresh, Heavy

    Flavor - Sweet

    Soup - Mild, Well Balance (tea taste last long)

    Very nice and heavy aroma, with a bit sweet in it. This tea brews pretty well and can hold up longer than other wuyi mountain tea, you can brew up to 7+ times and the taste is still there!

  • Name: Premium AAA+ "Shi Ru" Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea 石乳
    Tea Type:
    Wuyi Mountain Rock Tea, Oolong Tea
    Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province, China.
    Vintage: Spring
    Brand: Wuyi Shan City JLY Tea Company Co., LTD
    Tea Bag with Zipper Lock

Collections: Oolong Tea

Category: Wuyi Mountain Tea

Type: Oolong Tea

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