Pre-Rain Grade 2 "Long Jing"(Dragon Well) Green Tea

  • Long Jing is often called the national drink of China and is frequently given to visiting heads of state. It is also a favorite tea of today's top leaders, with a portion of production reserved for government customers.

    One of China Top Tea Famous Tea, best known Chinese Green Tea in the world.

    How do we grade our Long Jing / Dragon Well?

    Ming Qian/Pre-Ming (Ming = Spring Festival, 20th March till 4th April)

    Pre-Ming Supreme AAA Grade

    Pre-Ming Special Grade

    Pre-Ming Grade 1

    Pre-Ming Grade 2

    Yu Qian/Pre-Rain (After 4th April till 20th April)

    Pre-Rain Grade 1

    Pre-Rain Grade 2

    Pre-Rain Grade 3

    Pre-Rain Grade 4

    Pre-Rain Grade 5

    ***Before Ming(Pre-Ming) is better than Before Rain(Pre-Rain)

    Pre-Rain Long Jing taste is heavier and aroma is weaker.

  • Name: Pre-Rain Grade 2 "Long Jing" Dragon Well Green Tea
    Tea Type:
    Green Tea
    Origin: West Lake, Hang Zhou Province, China.
    Vintage: Spring
    Brand: SMCD Tea Company Co., LTD
    Tin Box

Collections: Green Tea

Category: Long Jing(Dragon Well)

Type: Green Tea

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