Porcelain Gongfu Tea Cups x 4 50ml #0206

  • The gaiwan is considered by many tea connoisseurs to be the preferred method for brewing teas with delicate flavors and aromas, such as green tea and white tea, although without the lid in these cases. The versatility of the gaiwan is also noted in the preparation of oolong infusions because of this particular tea's ability to be infused multiple times, but the gaiwan is suitable for any type of tea.

    How to brew Chinese tea:

        • Put around 5-10grams tea into a gaiwan.
        • Pour hot water into gaiwan and brew the tea.
        • Put a strainer on top of the pitcher.
        • Pour tea from gaiwan into the strainer and tea goes down to the pitcher.
        • Remove strainer from pitcher.
        • Pour tea from pitcher to cups.
        • Serve and enjoy the tea.

  • Name: Porcelain Gongfu Tea Cups x 4 50ml #0206
    Jin De Zhen, Jaing Xi Province, China
    6.2cm x 4cm
    80ml (Max to top)
    Each Cup 42 gram / Total 4 Cup 168gram


Category: Teacup

Type: Teacups