Douji - Jin De Zhen Handpaint "Lotus" Tea Cup 50ml x 4

  • How to brew Chinese tea:

        • Put around 5-10grams tea into a gaiwan.
        • Pour hot water into gaiwan and brew the tea.
        • Put a strainer on top of the pitcher.
        • Pour tea from gaiwan into the strainer and tea goes down to the pitcher.
        • Remove strainer from pitcher.
        • Pour tea from pitcher to cups.
        • Serve and enjoy the tea.

  • Name: Douji - Jin De Zhen "Lotus" Tea Cup 50ml x 4
    "De Hua Che" Porcelain ***Temp is lower than normal Porcelain.***
    Jin De Zhen, Jaing Xi Province, China
    6.9cm x 3.8cm
    50ml (Max to top)
    31gram each

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Category: Teacup

Type: Teacups

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