2011 Douji "Yun Dou Brick" Raw Puerh Tea 250g

  • Douji's 2011 New Product "Yun Dou Zuan(Brick)"

    Material: Mixture of Youle, He Kai, Meng Song & Mengku tea areas tea leaves.

    Aroma - Gentle

    Flavor - Sweet, Mellow and Rich

    This tea starts of very gentle and gets stronger on the third brew, tea taste is very stable and tea last very long in brewing. It is a product similar to Yu Dou Tea Cake, a high grade tea brick. Recommend product!


  • Name: 2011 Douji "Yun Dou Brick" Raw Puerh Tea 250g
    Tea Type:
    Puerh Tea Cake  (Raw)
    Origin: Yunnan Province. China.
    Vintage: 8th May 2011 / Batch Number 1101
    Brand: Douji, Yunnan Yiwu Zheng Shan Mountain Tea Co., LTD

Collections: Raw Puerh Tea

Category: 2011

Type: Puerh Tea

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