Premium Jasmine Pearl(Xiang Pian) Flower & Herbal Tea

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    Jasmine Pearl Tea leaves are harvested in the early spring and stored until the late summer when fresh Jasmine flowers are in bloom. Jasmine flowers are picked in the late afternoon when the small petals are tightly closed. The flowers are kept cool until nightfall. In the early evening, when the flowers begin to open, the tea is blended with Jasmine flowers and stored overnight. During the night Jasmine flowers open, bloom and release their fragrance into the tea. It takes over four hours for the tea to absorb the fragrance and flavor of the jasmine blossoms. This scenting process may be repeated for as many as six or seven times. The tea absorbs moisture from the fresh Jasmine flowers so it must be dried again to prevent spoilage.

  • Name: Premium Jasmine Pearl(Xiang Pian) Flower & Herbal Tea
    Tea Type:
    Flower and Herbal
    Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China.
    SMCD Tea Company Co., LTD
    Tea Bag, Vaccum Package.

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