Hugan Tea "Liver Protection Tea" Flower & Herbal (Light Flavor)

  • Hugan Tea (Liver Protection Tea) is a mixture of Chinese Flower & Herbal, it include Ganoderma grass, fairy sweet vine, Acacia vine leaves, JGC, Chrysanthemum flowers, Mangosteen flowers, jasmine flower, and a dozen other kinds of pure Chinese Herbs.

    This tea is best for smokers and Alcoholic to have everyday. It has the effect of Liver and lung protection, Detoxification, thirst-quenching, refreshing, refreshing, expectorant etc....

    Tea Taste: Light, Sweet & Mellow.


  • Name: Hugan Tea "Liver Protection Tea" (Light Flavor)
    Tea Type:
    Flower & Herbal
    Origin: Fujian Province, China.
    Packing: 5 gram x 20Pack
    Brand: SMCD Tea Co., LTD
    100gram / 4oz

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Category: Hugan Tea

Type: Flower & Herbal Tea

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