2013 Douji Puerh Pre-Order Now Available.

2013 Douji Puerh Tea Pre-Order Price.

Each order must be at least a tong (7 cakes)

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Pure Series 

1301 Ban Zhang (Very few left)

Retail Price $156.99/cake


1301 Yiwu (Out of stock already, only 1.5Ton Produce this Year) 

Retail Price $139.99/cake 


1301 Na Ka (Very few left)

Retail Price $124.99/cake


1301 Jing Mei (Very few left)

Retail Price $107.99/cake


1301 You Le

Retail Price $91.99/cake


1301 Nan Nuo

Retail Price $91.99/cake 


Blending Series

1301 Hong Jin Dou (Douji's Famous Blending Series - Mix with Ban Zhang, Naka area teas.

 Retail Price $107.99/cake


1301 Hong Yu Dou (Won 2008 Shanghai Tea Expo Gold Awards

Retail Price $57.99/cake 


1301 Hong Da Dou

Retail Price $39.99/cake


1301 Yiwu Mountain Arbor Tea tree (New Model)

Retail Price $39.99/cake 


Please note that most of the Pure Series like Ban Zhang, Yiwu will not release till late June to July. Same as Jin Dou and You Dou.

Suggest to get more Pure Series if possible. The production of Jing Mei Pure Series during 2010 is only 66 box (Box = 6 Tongs). 2011 and 2012 Yiwu and Ban Zheng Production is less than 70 Boxes each model, 2012 Naka only produce 45 Boxes.

Recommend to collect Ban Zhang, Jing Mei and Na Ka as Pure Series Tea.

Recommend to collect Jin Dou, Yiwu Mountain Arbor for Blending Series Tea.

All order must be made by the end of May.  

Please contact us if you have any question at anytime!

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