Douji on "South City Newspaper"

Ten years ago, Chan Hai Biao from He Yuan started to purchase mao cha from the Yi Wu tea district. He asked the local tea factory to help him to press the mao cha into tea cakes and transport it back to Guang Dong Province for selling. In the year 2004, Chan opened his first tea factory for processing tea. Later in 2006, Chan released the Puerh brand “Douji” series to the tea market.

According to Chan, “We require each packing of the tea cake’s wrapping cotton paper to have exactly 18 folds in the back before putting a sticker to seal the paper. This is not only for the nice looking, but this is something which is unique and special for our brand “Douji”.”

From the opening of the factory till now, Chan is very detail on each aspect of the tea production process. Every production process is rigidly enforced by Chan. The factory floor and production area must not have any dust. If there is a defect in the shape of the tea cake after pressing, Chan will only allow these defect product as samples.

According to Chan, “Currently 90% of the outside tea seller purchase mao cha directly and later send the mao cha to factory they can find to further pressing the tea into cakes. If you cannot control the manufacture process, you cannot control the quality of the tea.”

From Chan’s perspective, the process in which the mao cha is pressed into cakes, the manufacture procedure in which the tea leaves is process into mao cha and storage all holds equal significant in the production pureh tea cake. As a result of this, in 2006, Chan and his partner Liu Xin Fa decided to open pre-production factories in Nam Luo, Yu Luo, Ban Zhang, Na Ka and many other famous areas. Currently they have over 10 pre-production factories. Each pre-production factory will pick its tea leaves and process the tea leaves further into mao cha in order to ensure the quality.

“Raw Puerh is only a semi produced product after pressing into cakes for selling. It needs a great deal of time in order for it to show its inner quality and potential. A brand without 20 year of establishment and experiences might never become a true brand.” Chan believes that “Quality, Insistence and Integrity” is something each Puerh tea manufacture should know and insist. There is always a downfall and an uprising in the market. If you insist towards the high end and high quality product path, the production quantity can never be rise. Getting the business big is meaningless to Chan if he cannot ensure quality. Till now, Douji’s production quantity is still between 100 tons.

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