Puerh Tea Price Changing on May.

Bad news to all Douji Puerh Fans and customer. We just receive an E-mail from Douji that all Douji Puerh Tea price will be raising up this month, we have decide to give all our customer an extra month before raising the price, so we hope that you will be able to get the tea of your choice before that.

Please keep an eye in our site as well, we have heard from Douji that this year 2013 tea turn out to be really good, just like 2009, so please keep an eye in our store and don't miss out the 2013 Douji Puerh Tea! We are planning to sell some samples packs as well.

All old customer can contact us and request for Free 2013 tea sample as soon as it is release. 

Thank you


Idalie neely
Idalie neely

April 26, 2013

I would like a sample of Da Hong Pao?

Prokopenko Evgeniy
Prokopenko Evgeniy

April 09, 2013

Can i get sample tea 2013?

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