Tips: Puerh Tea Storage

Tips for storing puerh tea! The best place to store your puerh tea cake is a place where you feel comfortable when living. Storing puerh tea is actually like finding a suitable place for living. When it comes to store puerh tea, we should always beware of the humidity condition, not too wet, not too dry. We should keep the humidity level between 60-70%. Imaging yourself living in a very wet environment, every breath is moist. Your whole body is always sticky due to the moist in the air, I doubt anyone will like it. On the other hand, if the environment is too dry, your skins feels like is about to peel off. This would feel comfortable as well.

Puerh Tea store in boxes. 6 Tong each box, 42 cakes total.

We should also try to avoid directly sun light, directly sunlight will apply heat to the tea cake and cause it to transform and become non drinkable. It is similar to us not wanting to live in a house where it is directly hit by sunlight, since this will make the house too hot and we will not feel comfortable even when the air condition is on. 

Puerh cakes is best to store in a tong(7 cakes) without opening the bamboo warping or even a whole box (6 tong 42 cakes), we strongly do not recommend to open the tea and check! If you have open ones in the storage room, you can check that out, as for the un-open ones, you should leave it be. It would be better to store your puerh cakes together in one storage room instead of placing them all over the places. Storing them all together can help keeping the puerh tea aroma tight. The aroma of the puerh tea cakes will effect each other and helps the cake to transform better. Imaging living all by yourself in the same house for the next 10-20 years with no one by your side, I can say that your personality and way of thinking will be very non normal when compare to your friend who is living with his whole family together. Puerh tea is very similar to us. Don't we all need someone to accompany us?
We do not recommend store different brand puerh tea in a box altogether, this is because different brand tea comes with different aroma, just like Douji & Menghai Dayi, they smell and taste totally different. If storing single cake alone, try to keep the tea in a paper envelope, or in different cardboard boxes.

Strongly recommend to store puerh in a tong without opening it.
If living in a single house, 2nd floor is always the best place for storage. Do not store your puerh cakes in basement nor the roof top. Humidity level in basement is usually too high, and the roof top is usually to hot for puerh storage. Just make sure the storage place is clean and dry.
It is best to open the door and allow fresh air to flow into the storage room during dry weather Such as autumn. If the weather is wet like april, you may try to avoid opening the storage room too often.

Thank you for reading, if you want have any question please feel free to leave a comment for us.

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