The Golden Experience

Finally got time to try out the New Douji product. Got to say, I like it very much. The Douji "Mini Golden Brick" is a perfect match to my Douji "Golden Tea Cup". Yes, this cup is a new product of Douji as well and had not yet been release to the market. I was over at Douji's office yesterday and I took 2 of the 3 cups that are available. According to Douji, this cup won't be release until fall 2013. I guess I am a very lucky man. 


 About this tea, it is a mixture of 2010 and 2011 Arbor Raw Puerh Tea. I think this tea is very soft. I personally like the smell of it because it smells like watermelon. Well, don't be too harsh on me, I am not trying to write a review about this tea, I am just trying to tell everyone how happy I am to try out this new product with my new cup here. 

 Anyways, I love this new cup so much. Before I got my hand on this cup, I ask Douji why they make such a cup for tea drinking. At first, I thought the cup is only for the look. But according to Douji, drinking tea from this gold cup makes the tea soup softer. Well, I don't know if this is true, but drinking tea from this gold cup certainly make me feel good, and the tea I drink from this cup certainly taste great. Let me know if you guys have any thoughts about this Douji tea and the golden cup. Maybe someone out there would have a scientific explanation for it.

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