How to Brew Raw Puerh Tea

The following brewing guide is suggest for brewing Raw Puerh Tea.

1. Weight 7 grams of raw puerh tea for 100ml(cc) - 120ml(cc) Gaiwan or Teapot, or follow the 100:7 proportion depending on the size of the brewing Gaiwin or Teapot you use, for example, 200ml gaiwan, you put in 14 gram puerh tea. For pressed raw puerh tea cakes or bricks, try split it into smaller pieces first. 

2. Boil water to 95 degrees celsius. Do not use water over this degrees for brewing, water temperature can greatly influence the taste of the puerh tea. 

3. Rinse tea by pouring boiling water over the inner edge of the Gaiwin. The pouring water line should not be more than 5cm apart from the inner edge of the Gaiwin. Slowly move the pouring water along the inner edge of the Gaiwin until making a full circle. Fill the Gaiwin to full using the "fixed-point" method after making a full circle around the Gaiwin and try not to interfere with the tea during the process. After filling, close lid and drain out tea soup slowly. The whole process should take 15-20 seconds. This process allow the puerh tea to absorb water and to stretch and be ready for brewing. 

4. Follow the above step in pouring water. Never pour boiled water directly over the tea leaves. This is not how puerh tea should be brewed. After filling, close lid and let steep for 5-10 seconds. The whole brewing process should be control between 20-30 seconds. Then serve. 

5. After 3 successive brews, increase steeping times 5-10 seconds according to taste until the tea loses its flavor. A "fixed-point" method is the process in which water is pour into the inner edge of the Gaiwin at a fixed position. This method is often use by beginners when they have a hard time controlling the process to pour water around the inner edge of the Gaiwin to a full circle.

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