4 Benefits of Chinese Green Tea

Chinese green tea has been used for thousands of years to not only offer drinkers a tasty hot/cold beverage, but to help them achieve a healthier body as well. Researchers over the years have found that green tea has the ability to help in the natural healthy function of the body through active ingredients such as ECGC and polyphenols. From Chinese green tea used as a weightloss aide to its ability to help lower cholesterol in those who drink it regularly, green tea has offered drinkers a world of healthy benefits since ancient times. 


Chinese Green Tea as a Weightloss Aide
The green tea extract has been shown to directly affect the way a person loses weight by helping to reduce the overall amount of fat absorbed into the body by hindering digestive enzymes from digesting fat in the food eaten. Research studies have also found that the tea also has thermogenic properties that aide the body in burning fat that is absorbed, helping to not only keep fat from settling on the body, but helping to burn off fat that has found a place on a person’s body. 


Green Tea as an Immune System Booster
In ancient times Chinese green tea was used as a way to help flush bad “energy” from the body; today scientists have found that even though the concept of how green tea works was a little misconstrued in ancient China, the results were spot on. The tea acts as an immune booster because of the high levels of antioxidants within such as polyphenols and flavinoids. These antioxidants are able to help reduce the absorption and effects of free radicals in the body that are directly linked to the formation of diseases and illnesses such as accelerated aging, cancer, heart disease and more. 


Chinese Green Tea as a Heart Helper
Green tea has properties that help to reduce the absorption of fat in the body which can lead to stress on the heart causing problems such as a stroke, heart attack, etc. The green tea also has the ability to lower cholesterol in the body by bonding with the cholesterol and keeping it from absorbing into the body as it goes through the digestive tract. Furthermore, Chinese green tea acts as a blood thinner in the body, helping to prevent clotting in the blood which can be a precursor to a variety of heart problems like a blockage in the veins and more. 


Green Tea as a Dental Aide
Chinese green tea has been linked in a variety medical studies to the ability to lower tooth decay and cavities in those who drink it regularly as it contains fluoride and other minerals. Green tea contains high levels of the chemical known as polyphenol which acts as a quasi plaque blocker, helping to decrease the natural breeding of germs and bacteria in the mouth that can make teeth decay all the more quicker. The use of green tea as a daily supplement can be used to help lower the risk of a variety of dental issues, reducing the need for a dentist significantly.


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Ainee Beland
Ainee Beland

January 16, 2013

Your new website looks lovely and thank you for sharing tea information with me.

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